Access Storage Green Initiatives

In 2008 Access Storage installed 10Kw of solar panels which paid itself off in 5 years with the power generated. After the success and massive reductions in solar panel costs coupled with the increased efficiency of solar panels today, we decided to incorporated another 10Kw of solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery (which stores up to 14Kw) to coincide with our current building extension.

Access Storage was one of the first businesses on the South Coast to install the Tesla Powerwall 2. The latest Tesla battery allows us to store excess power generated by the sun during the day to be used at night to power our cool room and lighting making us self sufficient in our energy usage.

Access Storage shares its northern boundary with Mulgen Creek which in 2000 was infested with blackberries, Lantana and many other destructive weeds. A complete creek regeneration program was initiated by us and the creek is now free of weeds and has an abundance (more than 400) of native bird and tree species.

The toilet paper used at Access Storage comes from Who Gives A Crap, a supplier of recycled paper and bamboo paper that donates 50% of their profits to building toilets in developing countries. We also stock Keep Cups which are used both promotionally and to encourage people to reuse coffee cups and reduce the thousands of single use coffee cups that are thrown away every day.